Welcome to my rambling collection of scribblings. My thought-hamsters have been busy and created a little nest for my poetry, prose and travelogues – feel free to explore and peruse.

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Above all, enjoy 🙂

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Books by the author (click links for details & ordering info):

Under the stones (2019 – Lulu) : A peek under the stones of society, exploring the unlit avenues we would rather pretend don’t exist.

With Summer by my Side (2017 – Amazon) : Love. A simple 4-letter word that hides a wealth of emotions, trials, sunshine and darkness….a journey of sweetness, bitter pills, and burgeoning regrowth.

A Tune with No Name (2015 – Amazon) : The journey and growth of a young woman’s sentiments on war, peace, politics, and life

Other random places where you can find work by Pixie Muse:
Worcester Writers Circle : www.worcesterwriters.org.uk
Chapter and Verse (The poetry of Worcester poets) : https://chapterandversesite.wordpress.com/
Yours 2 Read : https://www.yours2read.com/